Pools, Pavers, & More

Our services extend across the entirety of the Eastern Shore, encompassing Maryland, Delaware, and Virginia, catering to both commercial and residential needs.

The business was brought to life single-handedly by Brian Walter, a fresh high school graduate with nothing but a lawnmower and ambition. He designed a flyer to advertise his services and began distributing them in local neighborhoods. By the time he returned home on that very same day, he had received six calls. To make ends meet, he balanced cutting lawns during the day and waiting tables at night. As demand for his services increased, he expanded his operations by hiring a worker and acquiring an additional lawnmower.

His business continued to thrive through positive word-of-mouth, leading to the purchase of more equipment and the hiring of additional staff. Today, he presides over a team of 15 employees and is committed to growing his business each day.